Rebels With A Cause: We Ride The Harley

Portraits by Gail DeMarco

132 pages Hardbound Individually shrink-wrapped with wash-off tattoo


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Portraits by Gail DeMarco

Rebels With A Cause is a celebration of those riders -- their passion for, their love affair with, the motorcycle of America. Here in their own words, riders energetically explain how their lives have become intimately entwined with the bikes, why they have chose the "Harley lifestyle" with such enthusiasm.

The joyous interviews accompany a truly remarkable series of affectionate color portraits by photographer, Gail DeMarco. Herself a Harley owner, Gail has focused her enormous talent upon a fascinating cross-section of more than sixty fellow riders and their bikes.

From regular folks to celebrities to club members, these are Americans with a shared commitment, Americans who lives have been changed and defined by their devotion to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Purchasing a Harley is a rebellious act. It's a rebellion against the status quo, a rebellion against the over-regulated, technology-heavy life that our culture has become. Rebels With A Cause rejoices in this fond and colorful record of the people and machines involved in this most American expression of creative non-conformity.