Fast Lane Summer



Each spring, when the weather breaks, bands of nomads head out for a summer of crisscrossing the country. They are racing car teams. They are also marauders, despoilers of small town illusions and high school girls. They are missionaries as well, bringing the world of speed and mobility gone crazy to town-bound middle-Americans. They are entertainers at a high aesthetic level, for their show is as stylized and as sophisticated as kabuki.

This is the story of one band of these nomads, the view from inside of a racing team. It is a perspective denied the 45-plus million American auto racing fans, an intimate examination of the gathering every two weeks in another corner of the country of a loosely woven family of racers. It is also the story of the two weeks in between, of 18-hour days of tearing down and rebuilding by the crew, of 24-hour days of deal hustling by the driver and team owner, of 36-hour days of manipulating by the team manager.
The story is told chronologically through the eyes of the crew, driver and owner. It may be parable, it may be metaphor, but mainly this is an adventure/travel/sports book. Its tone is informal, by no means technical. Its appeal is to any sports fan, any car enthusiast, anyone taken with the way Americans play.

“Fast Lane Summer is a look behind racing’s public face. It is a human story but at the same time an accurate, well-documented view of an immensely popular but little-understood sport.”
-Paul L. Newman, Race Driver and Actor.

“Fast Lane Summer is not a “standard” racing book; it is a personal picture of what the life is like for a driver and for those upon whom he depends – his entrant, his crew chief and his mechanics. You don’t hear much about testing or traveling in most motor racing books. There are many accounts of the good times and some about the bad times, but what about the desperate times? Or the contract negotiating times? How about the times when nothing works and you don’t know exactly why? Fast Lane Summer is a hugely interesting story, an exciting book for layman and enthusiast alike; it brings you directly inside both a team and a racing series.”
-Mario Andretti, Nazareth, PA

Out of print; only a few copies available.

Hard bound edition, autographed by Baron - $45 including S&H

Softbound edition, autographed by Baron - $30 including S&H