Roller Derby to RollerJam

An Authorized Story of an Unauthorized Sport by Keith Coppage



Coffee Table Softbound, 148 pages 1999


This book is out of print!

An Authorized Story of an Unauthorized Sport by Keith Coppage

This book follows Derby from its beginning in 1935 as a cure for Depression woes, to its reincarnation late in the twentieth century as RollerJam. In these pages. you'll circle the track of Derby history, watching television bring the game to millions then put a stranglehold on the organization that nearly spelled its demise. You'll follow Leo Seltzer's son, Jerry, as he fashions Roller Derby into a household word, bringing his teams to Americans not only on television but in arenas, large and small, skating to sold-out, record breaking crowds.

In Roller Derby to RollerJam, the contest comes alive with exciting photographs and colorful memorabilia. Profiles of RollerJam stars are featured, as well as Derby favorites Charlie O'Connell, Ann Calvello, Joan Weston, and more. In fact, Weston's passing in 1997 inspired Knoxville television producer Stephen Land to revive the game RollerJam, once again bringing to us all the colorful, fast-paced frenzy of banked-track skating.
From Roller Derby to RollerJam! The name has changed but the thrill and spills remain. Hey, it this a great game, or what...?