Photographs by Baron Wolman



Hardbound elegant signed and numbered limited edition


Profiles is a very personal work by photographer Baron Wolman. The book is a beautifully produced collection of 44 black & white portraits of the female breast in profile. According to Wolman, the idea for the book came long ago when he was a student and found himself regularly doodling sketches of the breast in profile in his class notebook, even during the most serious lectures. Years later, after a particularly productive nude photo session he discovered the same image on the contact sheet, the same image he had sketched so long ago. The idea of the book was born at that moment. Models were his friends and friends of friends. There was no end of volunteers who were ready for their fifteen minutes of fame and (anonymous) immortality.

The original softbound edition of Profiles has long been out of print. Only about a hundred of the hardbound copies are still available.