Ramblin' Notes

Posted Tuesday, May 25th 2010

Baron Wolman

Hey! I have a new fine art poster print I'm excited to tell you about.

"300,000 Strong" I call this image. It's one of my all-time favorite Woodstock photos taken as I stood on the stage and looked out at the tens of thousands of peaceful Woodstock fans. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival I created a limited number of beautifully produced, heavy fine art poster prints of the picture. Each one is signed by me, 20x24 inches, ready to immediately drop into a standard size frame and put on your wall. The print is $35 plus $5 shipping and handling.

Click here to order.

In Other News
The Rolling Stone Years

Baron's Book: The Rolling Stone Years
I've got a great site up dedicated to my latest book, “Every Picture Tells A Story – Baron Wolman, The Rolling Stone Years.” Its 176 pages are filled with photos and text. Some of the photos have never been seen; none of the words have ever been read – other than by me and the editors, of course. It’s a picture book with text, the stories behind the photos. For years I’ve been asked to talk about the photos, how they came to be, what happened on assignment at the various shoots. This book answers those questions and more. I and my camera were fortunate to be around at a seminal time in the history of our country and the music business. The book is my “thank you” for the privilege.

To see images from the book, or order a copy, please go to www.therollingstoneyears.com